I have been fortunate enough to be taught by a lot of outstanding mentors, from teachers to guests in masterclasses, project weeks and clinics. To this day, they have had a great impact on me both as a musician and player, as well as a person. I believe that mentors can help us progress during our whole life. With time, the relation you have with someone will probably change from the teacher-student mode into an equal exchange of ideas and thoughts about music. We will learn something until the end of our days, so there is no end to working on yourself and 'grooving' your musicianship.
Nevertheless, I don’t believe that there is any one teacher who “makes“ a student a better musician, since it is the students themselves who have to go through experiences, practice, musical growth and working on their craft. But I do believe that the way a student experiences and enjoys playing an instrument is significantly influenced by the teacher. The teacher’s job is to guide the student the best they can, to treat everyone individually and to share their collected knowledge. A good teacher should both meet the students’ wishes and deeply teach them the foundations of craft, technique and musicality.
I started teaching private classes at the age of 13 and in a music school at 22. My goal is to share the knowledge I gained in the wide range of musical styles, techniques and concepts of practicing. Every class I give and every student I meet is always a learning experience for me as well, because I totally believe that both teacher and student benefit from each other. That is why I’m thrilled to have the chance to be with a grand variety of students, no matter what level, age, origin, character and motivation they have.
I am teaching at Musikschule Niedernhausen and Musikschule Kelsterbach.

I am looking forward to meeting you!