Red Hering

Red Hering is the six-member ensemble led by drummer Maximilian Hering from Mainz. Unconventional melodies over driving grooves, a sextet lineup with the human voice as part of the brass section, and the absence of stylistic norms: Red Hering achieves a veritable diversion from the classical modern jazz of the 21st century.

The debut album of the band founded in 2019 is titled "Butter bei die Fische", which, after pandemic-related delays, could finally be realized thanks to a scholarship from Deutscher Musikrat. It will be released in October 2024 as Vol. 105 in the Jazz Thing Next Generation series on Double Moon Records. In the ten original compositions by drummer and saxophonist, with two appearances by the Munich-based Paranormal String Quartet, all band members come into their own. Initiator Maximilian Hering sees his music as "European Jazz." While in his other projects, musicians from Spain often participate, Red Hering is a Dutch-German fusion.

Marko Mebus – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Sara Bax – Voice
Milan Kühn – Alto saxophone & compositions
Philipp Rüttgers – Piano
Dion Nijland – Bass
Maximilian Hering – Drums & compositions

"Book a trip with travel agency Red Hering and ask Maximilian to be your tour guide. You will definitely return enriched."

Michiel Braam, November 2023