Red Hering

Red Hering is the new project of young drummer Maximilian Hering combining Creative Jazz with elements of Film Music and Free Improvisation. Unique musical ideas feature Dion Nijland on double bass, Philipp Rüttgers on piano and a horn&voice section -Marko Mebus on trumpet, Milan Kühn on alto saxophone and Sara Bax on voice- realizing unfamiliar melodies over driving rhythms. Red Hering's composer, arranger and drummer Maximilian -celebrating 20 years of drumming since his early infancy- already toured Central Europe and South Korea.

Maximilian Hering – Drums & Compositions
Marko Mebus – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Milan Kühn – Alto Saxophone
Sara Bax – Voice
Philipp Rüttgers – Piano
Dion Nijland – Bass

„Red Hering is an ensemble founded by me whose core consists of six musicians. But unlike a typical Jazz sextet the horn section is complemented by human voice.
I had always wanted to lead my own project. In 2019 I eventually developed a clearer idea and found the right musicians to make it come true. When I compose I’m inspired by a variety of influences. These can result in abrupt changes and stretches of conventional styles. Call it Modern, Improv, Creative or a crossover of any kind. You decide. It is Red Hering.
In 2019 we had the opportunity to play a few compositions live with a string quartet. This blend of chamber music and a modern jazz ensemble has always intrigued me. Hopefully we will continue playing with strings live and at the recording studio!“